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Clearly, the cost of living in Turkey is an important factor that helps immigrants settle here permanently. In a comparison standard of living and the cost of living, Turkey offers a high standard of living with low costs.

Like everywhere in the world, living in a city is always expensive. Istanbul is a financial, economic, tourism and business center. Therefore, the city is full of opportunities. According to Numbeo, a striking data collector, Istanbul is about 50% cheaper than London and 60% cheaper than New York. Perhaps the most amazing aspect of life in Istanbul is rent.

Daily necessities such as rent prices, transportation, food and drink and nightlife are also average. A family who does not have to pay rent can have a good standard of living with around 5,000 TL per month.

Monthly food expenditure (poverty line) required by a family of four to ensure healthy, balanced and adequate nutrition is 2,067.17 TL. The total amount of other monthly expenses (poverty limit) compulsory for food, clothing, housing (rent, electricity, water, fuel), transportation, education, health and similar needs (poverty line) is 6,733.44 TL.

The cost of living for an unmarried-childless employee was calculated as TL 2,558.94 per month. Food expenditure increased by 126 TL compared to the beginning of the year and increased by 353 TL compared to the same month of the previous year. The total amount of expenditure the family has to make has increased by 410 TL in the last six months and by 1.149 TL in the last year.

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Gas & Car Care

Although the cost of oil is not as high as European countries like Greece and Portugal, it is twice as high as America and Russia. For this reason, many vehicle owners use diesel vehicles with lower costs. Owners pay approximately TL 4,000 annually for expenses such as insurance and car maintenance.

Health Service and Residence Permit

If you’re in lower age of 65 and you want to stay longer than 90 days. You need both in Turkey is compulsory residence permit and health services. If a couple wants to obtain a long-term residence permit and benefit from compulsory health insurance, its costs 7,000 TL per year.

Housing Costs

Electricity bill: 150 TL per month with reduced air conditioning usage

Water bill: 40 TL per month

Dues: Within the framework of the offered opportunities between 100 and 150 TL per month

Municipal Tax: 200 pounds per year within the framework of land owners and property price

Telephone, Internet and Satellite TV: There is a price wrangling between telecommunications companies in Turkey. For example; T├╝rk Telekom has offered a package such as unlimited internet, telephone and satellite television as 90 liras per month.

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