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Real estate investment is one of the most profit-making types of investment in Turkey. Thus, the interest in this type of investment has increased in recent years. There are many advantages to buy property in Turkey. So, non-local and local celebrities made a move to take advantage of the opportunities.

Istanbul is the most attractive center for investors. Many celebrities tend to invest in this metropolis because Istanbul has a significant cultural environment and an interesting history.

As known, Turkey is a peninsula. It has so many beautiful resorts in Aegean coast and the Mediterranean coast. It welcomes a lot of tourists including world-famous celebrities, especially in the summers. Hereat, celebrities who got the chance to know the area better prefer to invest in these vacation spots. Bodrum, Antalya and Izmir are examples of these resorts.

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World-Famous Celebrities Who Have Invested in Real Estate in Turkey

jennifer-lopez-mfa-real-estate-2Jennifer Lopez

American actress and singer, Jennifer Lopez and her love for Istanbul is a well-known fact. Due to that fact, she has decided to buy a house in Istanbul after her concert. In 2012, she achieved her goal.










Wesley Sneijder

Wesley Sneijder, Netherlander soccer player who played for a Turkish football club, Galatasaray. So, he lived in Istanbul for almost five years. His living experiences in the city and sympathy for Turkey led him to invest in Macka in Besiktas.






Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt had an investment in Turkey before their divorcement. Jolie and Pitt have loved spending time on the Aegean coast. Therefore, they used their preferences for Urla in Izmir. They bought a villa and spent $2.7 million.






Cristiano Ronaldo

Successful soccer player also has chosen Turkey to get efficiency from his savings. He used his preference for quiet, small Urla and bought a mansion which has cost $3.44 million to him.






Kate Moss

Bodrum is one of the most favourite vacation spots of Kate Moss. It is true; the world-famous model has appreciated her holidays in Bodrum. As a result, she held a villa in Yalikavak to make her visits more comfortable. The villa’s value is $1.5 million.







naomi campbell-mfa-real-estate

Naomi Campbell

Any other celebrity that has invested in Turkey is Naomi Campbell. Naomi Campbell has visited Turkey several times with her friend Kate Moss. She liked Turkey so much. For that reason, her boyfriend bought her a vacation home as her birthday gift in Gulf of Gokova in 2011.


We took a look at seven world-famous celebrities who have invested in Turkey. Now, we can examine local celebrities who put some money into real estate.

Turkish Celebrities Who Have Invested in Real Estate in Turkey



Turkish pop singer, aka Megastar by Turkish people, Tarkan has various realty. He has a house in Besiktas, a farmhouse in Beykoz and three villas in Sarıyer.









Kıvanc Tatlıtug

Kıvanc Tatlıtug is one of the most beloved actors in Turkey. In like manner, he chose to invest his money in real estate. He has Bosporus view houses in Beyoglu and Uskudar.





Beren Saat & Kenan Doguluberen-saat-ve-kenan-dogulu-hair-health-blog

Kenan Dogulu is a famous pop singer. Beren Saat is a successful actress who featured in a Netflix project, Atiye. They got married in 2014. After their marriage, they bought a villa in Uskudar. The villa cost $7 million to them.







sertab-erener-mfa-real-estate-2Sertab Erener

After she won Eurovision song contest in 2003, Sertab Erener got many followers and fans. Naturally, she made a huge profit and then she established a company in the real estate sector. Besides that, Erener has owned a house in Bodrum.













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