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This step-by-step explained guide for people who lives in overseas and plans to buying property in Turkey.

In general, people think fully before buying something, because deciding is not that easy especially if this decision is buying a property. Buying property in Turkey, had become more attractive in recent years for foreigners. If you have no idea, there are lots advantages to do it:

Turkey has a wonderful climate! The climate is one of the most important reasons why many people want to buy property in Turkey. Because a climate that is neither overwhelming nor too cold is dominant throughout the country. You’ll find the perfect property without a problem with the climate!

Not only do you get affordable property, but you can spend more money on what you want to do with the minimum cost of living. Turkey is easy to access from anywhere. Maybe you can have a question in your mind like “can foreigners buy property in Turkey”, the answer is absolutely yes! This guide will answer all your questions. If you follow these steps below, you can easily have your dream house or new workplace!

1-Make a Detailed Research

Maybe you want to buy a property in Turkey for citizenship or maybe you just want a nice Turkish house to spend your holidays. One way or another, you must make a detailed research first. It is a well-known fact that tourism in Turkey increased especially recent times and foreigners prefer to buy properties in Antalya, Istanbul, Bodrum first. For these reasons, after your research you need to find a reliable real estate agency. We have extensive information about Turkey to you have the right to inform the legal and technical process, and we are here to help you find the perfect property you are looking for.

2-Contact with Your Real Estate Agency

Communication is important. The first thing you need to do is to pick up the phone and contact the real estate agency of your choice. Your agency should know your needs, priorities and preferences. We know that this is a big decision and you have known all details about Turkey. Don’t be shy and ask all the questions you have in mind. If they help us to how much you mean to us so we can help you and can offer you the most convenient and inexpensive property in Turkey, you will find your budget.

3-Get to Know More of Turkey

Before you can relocate to another country or purchase the property you will live temporarily there, you need to get to know the country better. Make sure you give the decision in terms of this reason; we encourage you to research the Turkey Culture. If possible, you live just as you would before buying a home in the city. You should allow Turkey to come over. Because moving to a new place means getting a new lifestyle. Come and observe the lives of the Turks, decide whether the food fits your taste buds and explore. We are not here to make decisions you will regret, but to achieve the life you feel best at.

4-Don’t Forget to Inspect Trip

Even before buying an outfit over the Internet, we don’t know if the product will be the same as the photo. Therefore, it is always worth trying before you buy anything. Although we promise you the best and most suitable properties for your budget, there may be question marks in your mind. We recommend you take an inspection trip to ensure that there is no problem in your mind and that the property you are planning to purchase will meet your expectations. Also, that will be great that if you see lots of options to find the right place!

5-Negotiation and Make a Contract

It is not significant that if you are planning to buy a villa in Turkey or a working place, we will negotiate on your behalf and provide you to make a contract which is perfect for your budget.


If you finished all the tiring steps such as finding the perfect property for you and decide whether you are going to buy or not, you can have a deep breath. After that, we will reserve the property for you. All you must do is to pay the deposit money, but don’t forget if you decide not to buy the property, the reservation deposit will not give to you back.

In sum of these steps above;

  • Property, mortgages, foreclosures and so on, whether there is a restriction or if there is any situation preventing the sale of the immovable, such matters should be checked by the related Land Registry Office.
  • In case of rejection of the application for property acquisition, an objection may be filed with the Regional Directorate to which the deed Directorate is affiliated.
  • It is recommended not to work with experts and reliable people or companies.
  • It has received a residence permit in order to acquire property in Turkey have not been called foreigner.
  • Between the parties regarding the acquisition of property in case of any conflict. The situation must be notified of the lawsuit in court to the judicial authorities of the Republic of Turkey.

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Is Buying Property in Turkey a Good Investment?

  • Of course, it is! There are so many advantages for foreigners who want to buy property in Turkey.
  • Foreigners who buy houses in Turkey can easily get a residence permit for themselves and their children.
  • Your children can have education in Turkey.
  • It is easy to find a job for foreigners who have residence permit.
  • Companies can also get work permits.
  • If you follow these steps below, you can easily you dream house or new workplace!

Procedures of Buying Home in Turkey


  • If you decide to buy property in Turkey as definitive and are aware of the need to prepare several documents. It has everything you need to pay attention.
  • Title deed of real estate or village / neighbourhood, island, parcel, building, independent department information,
  • Compulsory earthquake insurance policy for buildings such as residences, workplaces,
  • 2 photos of the buyer and 1 photo of the seller in the last 6 months (6 × 4 size).
  • If there is a party who does not speak Turkish, a sworn interpreter is available,
  • In case of transactions with power of attorney issued abroad, the original or approved copy of the power of attorney together with its translation.
  • The residence permits issued by the relevant security directorates of foreign nationals whose real estate purchases are subject to residence permit
  • Foreign citizens residing in Turkey can refer to the mortgage when buying if they wish it. To do this, they either must go to the bank and apply in person. Or take a power of attorney that a lawyer. Or any person attached to the bar association has taken over all their rights. Don’t worry, we will always be with in the whole process if you want to invest in Turkey.


This article is our  “Buying Property in Turkey Guide” We wish you happiness in your new property!

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