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When it comes to buying real estate abroad for investment or moving, finding the right place is the key point. We prepare this list for our users who are willing to learn the best places to buy real estate in Turkey. If your purpose is real estate investment in Turkey or just a fresh start in a beautiful country, Turkey offers you many precious things that you are looking for.

We can easily describe the Turkish real estate market is a rising star in its region. Buying property in Turkey offers many opportunities for buyers. Except for its geopolitical importance and bridging Asia to Europe, buying a home in turkey can make you eligible to obtain Turkish citizenship. While you are buying a house for real estate investment or just living, obtaining citizenship will make you be able to use its benefits.

We made our list to recover all possible places where you can find something you like for you and your family.


buy a property in Istanbul Turkey
Istanbul Real Estate. Source:

Istanbul, the largest transcontinental and fifth largest city in the World by population is a rare city to find. It was the birthplaces for many imperials and kingdoms where it is a gate for Europe from Asia. Besides its historical and geopolitical importance, Istanbul is an international hub for finance and tech companies. Istanbul real estate market takes advantage of its unique atmosphere and it makes a great place for homebuyers.

For homebuyers, the first thing to consider is choosing the right continent for you while others just consider choosing a neighborhood. Istanbul offers you a great deal for both the continent lifestyle. The Asian side is more ideal for buyers who eagers to have a more quiet life. It has own separate airport while being close to industry and financial centers. When you across the Bosphorus, you will find a more live life. If you don’t mind a busy road, the European side may be more suitable for you. The historical peninsula is also located on the European side and the world’s biggest airport is newly constructed there. We are sure that it is not easy to choose but don’t worry. Both sides of the city are well connected with roads, railways, and seaways.

Istanbul was awarded as the European capital of culture in 2010 due to its old history of the multicultural structure. Most of the apartments for sale in Istanbul have motifs of east and West culture. Moreover, China railway express freight train has started a trial run from china to Europe. Istanbul will become the hub point fort his Silkroad train route.



buy real estate in Antalya
Antalya Real Estate Source:

It is located in the Southern part of Turkey and it has a great climate for summer lovers. It is the first destination for tourists from Russia, Germany, UK, and many other countries. After Istanbul, Antalya is in second place as most preferred to buy homes in Turkey by foreigners. Due to high touristic attraction, Antalya is one of the best places to buy a rental estate on the coast of the Mediterranean in Turkey.



buy real estate in Bursa
Bursa Real Estate Source:

In 2017, Bursa was the third most popular place for foreign house sales. It is well located between Istanbul and Izmir and has a great transportation network to other major cities. Its location has made the city a great place for the industry. Many leading companies in the automotive and textile industries have facilities around Bursa. The city has a coastline on the Marmara Sea and it also has many therman springs which attracts many visitors.



buy real estate in Sapanca
Sapanca Real Estate Source:

It is a neighborhood which is located in Sakarya. The place has stunning and remarkable nature. If you plan to buy real estate in a quiet neighborhood in Turkey, Sapanca serves you best. Even if you are in nature, you will be still 2 hours away from Istanbul.



buy real estate in Izmir
Izmir Real Estate Source:

The third-largest city in Turkey by population has a long coastline to the Agean Sea. Buying houses in Izmir makes you have a property that accesses to great beaches without losing your contact with international business life. Every year, the international trade fair is organized in this city for business without borders.



buy real estate in Yalova
Yalova Real Estate Source:

A great deal for homebuyers who want to experience a quiet and small coastal city life while being close to big cities. It is one hour drive to Istanbul and Bursa, or you can easily catch a ferry. Newly constructed Osmangazi bridge ends at Yalova and it has made the city a transitway fort he passengers who travel between Istanbul and Bursa or Izmir. This transformation boosts Yalova real estate market and it seems that lots of buyers will be attracted not too late. Don’t miss that opportunity.



buy real estate in Bodrum
Bodrum Real Estate Source:

It is a peninsula neighborhood, which is located in Muğla in the southern part of Turkey. Bodrum is a great destination for people to buy a home in a touristic place. The city has hosted many foreigners, especially British citizenships, for many years.



buy real estate in Alanya
Alanya Real Estate Source :

Another coastal neighborhood on our list, is located in Antalya in the southern part of Turkey. The city has a coastline on the Mediterranean Sea same as Antalya. From holidaymakers to home buyers, Alanya real estate market is promising for everyone.



buy real estate in Ankara
Ankara Real Estate Source :

The capital city of Turkey and home to most of the government facilities and some of the biggest Turkish universities such as METU. The city uses these benefits to develop a great scientific and industry-friendly place. Ankara is the best place to buy real estate if you are looking for a business relation with the Turkish government or leading tech companies in Turkey.

Additional information to buy real estate in Turkey

The list includes short details about the places where you can buy real estatein Turkey. Also, you can check our post “ Top 5 Cities for Real Estate Investment in Turkey”. If you need additional information, please contact us.

MFA Real Estate Agency is a specialist in all of the country’s destinations and our members are full of local experience with offices in Istanbul, Bodrum, Sapanca and Antalya. To get more information about places to live in Turkey or an individual district property portfolio, just contact us and we’ll be happy to help.


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