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Cities in Turkey, especially in Istanbul, Reciprocity Act, KDV exception, quality real estate stocks, high yield potential, exchange rate advantages has brought Turkey an attractive location in the housing market. Here are the advantages to buy property in Turkey.


Foreign nationals, has the liberty to take any place of residence in Turkey except military areas. Furthermore being the owner of residential property in a country like Turkey, which has very much alive housing industry. And it is a very good investment method style.

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People who bought $250,000 of foreign real estate sector in Turkey and their families will be citizens of Turkey. The foreigner who bought a real estate can get a residence permit on condition that the extension in certain periods in Turkey.


There are entitled to a residence permit in the same way that families and children of foreigners with a residence permit can be trained in Turkey. It is easier for foreigners who have a residence permit to find a job and to obtain a work permit within companies.



Is It Profitable For Foreigners To Buy House In Turkey?

According to 2019 Real Estate Index data, we see that prices have increased by 13 percent  in Istanbul. In 2019, a total of 26,000 foreigners bought properties in Istanbul.

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In Turkey the price increase of 5 percent over the last year was the sale of housing. House prices for sale in any district of Ankara, Bursa and Antalya did not fall. We can say that the process for foreigners to buy houses in Turkey can be regarded as a profitable investment.


Foreign Investors Can Buy Property Don’t Arrive To Turkey

The Turkish government is willing to invest in Turkey brings a great convenience to foreigners. The General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre will provide services to foreigners regarding the title deed transactions with representatives to be opened in 5 countries.



The General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre will provide services to foreigners regarding the title deed transactions in 5 countries. General Manager of Land Registry and Cadastre Mehmet Zeki, ” We will open representative offices in 5 countries such as France, Belgium and the Arab countries. Currently 5 countries became clear, we are working on another countries.” he said.


In summary there are many advantages to buy property in Turkey. It is the country of opportunities.  So you should just deeply research about the country, its cities. And of course these cities’ facilities. In summary, you can get a citizenship when you buy a property (min $250,000) in Turkey. Moreover you do not have to go turkey to buy real estate property.


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