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Every year many tourists flock to Turkey from over the world.  Every corner of the country is like a corner of paradise. Turkey has 81 cities. You can see the country with its historical buildings and natural beauty. There are some cities where more tourists come. There are many reasons why tourists prefer these cities. Here are 6 cities that you should visit in Turkey.


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First city to visit in Turkey: Bodrum. The city has summer weather almost six months of the year along.  There are many songs and poems written to the beauty of Bodrum, one of Turkey’s most popular holiday destinations.

It is also one of the most preferred places for foreign tourists. Bodrum is a peaceful getaway for four seasons. It has a texture that you can turn  into the crowd at any time. These aspects appeal to many different requests.


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Antalya, which is identified with the words sea, sand and sun, promises much more. It is a city that can be visited in all seasons thanks to its beautiful structures and nature. But we recommend for Antalya is to make your visit in spring. These times when the holiday crowd decreases and the weather gets cooler are the times you will spend your Antalya trip plan in the most enjoyable way.


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The perfect combination of mountains, highlands, forests, lakes and natural beauty  Trabzon is one of the cities must visit in Turkey. There are many things to discover in Trabzon. This city has rainy climate. So, it surrounded by green. You can believe this, Trabzon will charm you with its fresh air. The city, which has been home to many cultures throughout history, has many historical monuments that you can witness the traces of the past.


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The city, which is on the shore of the Marmara Sea, is one of the easy points to reach with its proximity to Istanbul. The mountains in Yalova, which have hiking routes passing through forests, where waterfalls and lakes can be seen, attract the attention of nature lovers. The natural beauty of the city can be observed at night thanks to the camping environment. The city, which attracts a lot of attention with its nature and hiking trails, is also rich in history.


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Turkey’s 12th largest city Diyarbakir is also called “Paris of the East” because of developed. Diyarbakir is more modern than most western countries with hotels, shopping malls and many other amenities. Every stone in this city opens doors to think differently. Each street leads to a different time and civilization.


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Mardin is an extraordinary city where many religions, languages, cultures and races coexist and each corner smells of history. Mardin with unique architecture located in the Southeastern Anatolia region, with stone houses and legendary cuisine is among the most remarkable cities in Turkey.

The city which is one of the oldest settlements in Mesopotamia and has all the traces of the past with its long history of 2350 years; It was home to many ancient communities such as the Sumerians and Akkadians.


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