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One of the most popular tourism regions in the world is undoubtedly the Aegean region. In summer the heart of tourism beats in the Aegean. So in this article, we will tell you about places to visit and see in the Aegean Region. Here are the 5 natural wonders of the Aegean region


1.Secluded Paradise for Fishing and Diving: Karaburun

This place is not preferred by anyone because there are very few coves and facilities in the district. And this is the beautiful point! It is untouched. You can think of it as an alternative route for diving and fishing. It is true that there is a serious underwater paradise.

Although I do not count when coming here alone, as I learned later, there are 303 sharp bends. Be a little bit more careful on the roads. Do not go to Karaburun without stopping by 7 Brothers Ice Cream Shop. Especially the ice cream with gum, is pleasant.

Besides one of the different places to visit is Çakmaktepe locality. It is possible to reach interesting archaeological structures in the region where the works of the Hittites are encountered.

2.Hidden Coal Harbor in Fındıklı Village

There is a quiet bay at the end of a virgin village on the Gallipoli side of Çanakkale. It is located in the Coal Harbor Fındıklı Village, which is shown as the closest route of lovers of diving from Istanbul. Even though the sea is cold, the holidaymakers gather in the region for a short period of time, you are not exposed to the extreme waves of Saroz. Besides it is also an ideal bay for campers.

Let me give a small note for those who will go to Coal; a very sturdy slipper or a pair of sea shoes, etc. are necessary, as well as the places always stone.

3.Cunda Island


Cunda island is one of the natural wonders of the Aegean region. Cretan cuisine, Greek heritage streets, autonomous island feelings, nice people, conversations accompanied by wine, and the raki fish expedition at sunset appeal to those who love to live fine and calm. For those looking for more action, we recommend that they visit Cunda with Ayvalık, just 25 minutes between them.

The Moonlight Monastery is the 16th-century monastery in Cunda Island. This monastery is located in the northernmost point of the Patriça Peninsula. And is one of the historical places left from the Greeks after the exchange. Moreover your personal vehicle is the only way to get here since it is located in the farthest corner of the island. Open for a very limited time of the week. Be sure to call ahead and confirm whether it is open.



Bodrum, with its fertile lands, historical, white houses, tangerine gardens, which have witnessed thousands of years of humanity, invites guests to a different atmosphere from a blue door. For this reason, this charming Aegean town has been the most favorite holiday destination for the last 40 years.


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The word literally corner of paradise Fethiye/Turkey, with both sea beach, a place that makes people self-dependent. If you want to escape the chaos of the city and leave yourself to the bosom of nature and sea, add Fethiye and its geography to your route. Furthermore you will be sucker for this place.


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